katy lynch

New York City once again host Techweek #TechWeekNYC

During the week of October 12 - 18,  New York was once again host to TechWeek festival, allowing attendees the opportunity to explore and and experience whats new in the tech world today.

The new CEO TechWeek Katy Lynch was present at this years gathering, stoping by booths to talk to exhibitors, giving interviews and just mingling with the crowd.

This TechWeek's festival was a little different, as attendees were for the first time able to walk around the floor while at the same time being able to listen panel talks that were happening on wireless headsets provided by Silent Disco Tour. There was also a music channel if you just wanted to listen to some cool tunes as you roamed the floor.

Among this years exhibitors were many companies targeting the food and service industry from an app Thanks! allowing users to send to waiters directly users of the app or via their email or text. Supper, is a new service that list restaurants and and bars in your vicinity. However, what makes this service different is it filters the venues based on what mood you are in. Every venue on Supper is curated by musicians, fashion designers and creatives. Users of the app will have access to the venues' music playlist as well as photography on the venues' profile . 

Other exhibitors present included American Express, IBM, Redbull, Linksys just to name a few as well as some talent scouting agencies. Overall this years Techweek was once again a resounding success provding entrepreneurs, tech visionaries and thought leaders a meeting place to share and build together.