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Square Enix Preview @SquareEnixUSA #SquareEnix

This post maybe late but New York has been abuzz for the last 3 weeks, ranging from New York Comic Con 2015 to TechWeek and GetGeeked just to name a few events.

During that time I attended Square Enix's preview for their upcoming list of titles and I was able to have a hands on experience with some of their HOT upcoming tittles, not to mention talk with the Game Director of Just Cause 3 Roland Lesterlin as he demoed the title.

The line up included new installations to the Hitman, Just Cause, Tomb Raider, Life is Strange and Deus Ex titles. I have to admit that I was very pleased with the direction developers are taking to continue to make games interesting and challenging to the gaming community. All I can say is good bye to completely linear game play and hello to a level of individuality in your game play.